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Insane Prod

13 July @ 12:10 PM UTC+0

Insane Prod is a dynamic festival promoter based in Morocco that has been making waves in the vibrant world of music and entertainment. At the forefront of their impressive portfolio is the renowned “Awake Festival,” a groundbreaking event that has garnered widespread attention and acclaim. Founded by the visionary duo of Ali Benjelloun, who goes by the creative moniker Alias33, and Haythem Guerbali, known as Oddity, Insane Prod has taken the Moroccan festival scene by storm.

Awake Festival, a brainchild of their innovative minds, stands out as a unique celebration of music, art, and culture, offering festival-goers an unforgettable experience. With a commitment to curating diverse lineups and immersive environments, Insane Prod has positioned itself as a driving force in shaping Morocco’s festival landscape.

Under the leadership of Alias33 and Oddity, Insane Prod continues to push boundaries, creating spaces where creativity knows no bounds and where music enthusiasts can come together to celebrate their shared passion. As they evolve and expand their offerings, Insane Prod promises to remain a trailblazing force in the Moroccan festival scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attend their events.


13 July, 2024
12:10 PM UTC+0


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