Kawtar Sadik, born in Agadir, developed her passion for music from an early age, settled in Casablanca or perfected her talent for years full of performances, parties, artistic residency festivals.
A deep voice, a rich and versatile palette of tones, an ability to combine styles and an innate musical sense.
These are the qualities of Kawtar Sadik, a talented singer-songwriter, who accompanies her vocal compositions, each more ambitious than the last.
Passionate about unconditional music, she sings both rock and rap, Arabic and Berber songs and fusion.
Her melodious voice gracefully flies over instrumental melodies and rhythms and other electronic compositions, breathing new life into a musical style that is no less demanding.


Da Mike, Kawtar Sadik – Malayou (Angelos Remix)

Da Mike, Kawtar Sadik – Malayou (Original Mix)

Mr . ID, Kawtar Sadik – Waidalal

Mr . ID, Kawtar Sadik – Salat Ala Nabina

Mr . ID Feat . Kawtar Sadik – Manitrit

Mr . ID Feat . Kawtar Sadik – Peace

Kawtar Sadik – Hta Ana


After a long experience as a singer in the field of electronic music, Kawtar Sadik decides to take matters into their own hands and launch a new challenge, Djette / Singer Showcase , This challenge comes after Kawtar Sadik had the opportunity and opportunity to produce with several electronic music DJs with a variety of musical productions. His first concert with this variation comes in the digital edition of Visa
For Music.

So that she then continues with several events by producing itself as much as Djette & singer, which makes her show a rare exception with an exceptional musical signature.



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