Born and raised in the city of Casablanca, MARO is the founder and resident dj of the collective DISS-RUPT with the sole purpose of altering the structure of the Moroccan music scene, for the better 🌪️. 

Melomania has possessed his mind, body and soul and it is his purpose to spread it to the world through his music, infused with deep sounds and filled with even deeper emotions. expect a journey through minimal, house, organic, tribal, techno, breaks and any fu*king genre you can think of 🏋🏽

DISS-RUPT is the fruit of a collective effort for change. the moroccan nightlife needed originality, diversity and differentiation and we have merged these ingredients to create the recipe of DISS-RUPT. the goal of our collective gave its name: disrupting and positively altering the structure of the moroccan music scene. for the better. historically, he collective was founded by MARO & HYDE and later joined by YAYA. we describe our universe as goofy, witty, and fun but as all universes, it is constantly expanding to new horizons. our ambitions exceeds our ability and we firmly believe this gap is what pushes us to surpass ourselves, to never settle and to reach higher grounds.



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