Mehdi Daoudi Aka, Meddy, born in Rabat, made his debut in the world of techno very early in his life.

As a teenager, he was obsessed by this new movement that appeared in Morocco back then. It all started with the Moroko Loko, where Meddy discovered his true passion for Techno. He was a very active member of the Moroccan techno community. At all times going to private events and festivals, to nourish his thirst for Techno. Soon his musical ear grows and he decided to start sharing his vibes and introducing himself to the Moroccan Techno scene.

His music is defined by deep and hypnotic melodies. Inspired by the Afterlife label, “An odyssey through the realm of consciousness”. He got an innovative and eclectic style. Also called by sounds hunter, Meddy is perpetually on the lookout for innovation by adding a mixture of cultures and colors allowing real originality during his sets. Happiness is the core of everything he does.
Always Settling on the melodic and progressive techno, he can combine all types of music in one. Born with a heart for the beat, Meddy wants to extend his music to the international scene.



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