Nurtured by Music since his youth, Othman aka Timinu, took on the charm of the 4th Art by means of the guitar. He mastered it to such an extent that he reproduced the great classics of the guitar such as “Entre Dos Aguas” by Paco Delucia or “Asturia” by Isaa Albeniz.
His passion for music has been converted into electronic music since the early 2000’s, where he ended up having his first residency at the Sugar pub in 2008, he then took up residencies in Morocco and abroad, at the XS Marrakech in 2012 and the FAUST Paris in 2017, he then returned to Marrakech in order to take up a residency at the Mandarin Oriental in 2018, where he is currently the Vibe Setter, in the two prestigious venues “Ling Ling” and “Shirvan Café Métisse” allowing him to have a great ability to fit one’s style to one’s audience His residency at the Mandarin Oriental gave him the opportunity to warm up and
perform alongside great Artists of the Electronic Scene, such as Audiofly, Birds of Mind, Gorje Hewek, Francesca Lambardo, or Philip Straub, in the “Hidden Party”, party concept launched by Ling Ling
He co-founded in 2020 the “Fabrik” Musical Recording Studio in Marrakesh. He is also a member of several DJ-Collectives as MelomaneMorocco, Wild, etc.



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