maria malasangre

Maria Malasangre

Chapter 1: Maria’s Musical Journey

Maria Malasangre, a nomadic soul with an insatiable passion for music, embarked on a transformative journey of decolonization through the dance floor. For over a decade, she immersed herself in the vibrant cultures of various Latin American countries, seeking to capture the diverse sounds and rhythms that resonated deep within her being.

From the rhythmic beats of Panama to the soulful melodies of Colombia, Maria explored the rich tapestry of Latin American music, delving into its historical roots and uncovering its hidden stories. She absorbed the essence of each country she visited, allowing the music to guide her on a path of discovery and self-reflection.

As Maria traversed the dance floors of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and beyond, she effortlessly blended the traditional with the contemporary, weaving a musical tapestry that transcended borders. Her unique approach to DJing became a manifestation of her belief in the power of music to break down barriers and unite people from different cultures.

Chapter 2: “Febre Nocturna” and the Global Fusion

Under the esteemed Morcego.fx label, Maria released her first EP titled “Febre Nocturna,” an eclectic blend of sounds produced in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, and Morocco. This mesmerizing collection of tracks served as a testament to her nomadic existence and her ability to absorb the musical flavors of diverse regions.

“Febre Nocturna” took listeners on a sonic journey, effortlessly blending Latin American rhythms with electronic beats, creating an immersive experience that defied traditional genre categorizations. The EP garnered critical acclaim from music enthusiasts worldwide, captivating their hearts and igniting their souls on the dance floor.

Chapter 3: Empowering Women through Soundsisters Lab

Now settled in Morocco, Maria found herself inspired by the vibrant energy of the country and its burgeoning music scene. Determined to empower and uplift women in the male-dominated industry, she founded Soundsisters Lab, the first women DJ collective in Morocco.

Through Soundsisters Lab, Maria aimed to create a safe space for women to explore their passion for music, learn and collaborate with like-minded individuals, and ultimately carve their own paths as DJs and producers. The collective served as a platform for creativity, fostering a supportive community that encouraged women to share their unique voices and perspectives.

As Maria worked on her first electronic music album in Morocco, she poured her heart and soul into every beat, infusing her music with the spirit of resilience and liberation. Her journey as a DJ and advocate for decolonization had come full circle, as she continued to redefine the boundaries of the dance floor and inspire others to embrace the power of music as a catalyst for change.


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