Nanofunk Music, the brainchild of Jalal Yassine, a multi-talented artist from Morocco, has taken the electronic music scene by storm. Fusing his passion for electronic music with a deep-seated love for retro gaming, Nanofunk has crafted a musical concept that transcends traditional boundaries. Jalal Yassine, better known as Nanofunk, has emerged as a DJ, producer, and sound artist who seamlessly merges electronic beats with the iconic sounds of classic gaming consoles.

Inspired Fusion

Hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of Morocco, Nanofunk draws inspiration from both his home country’s rich artistic heritage and the captivating world of retro gaming. This unique blend of influences has given birth to a signature style that resonates with audiences across the globe.

Immersive Live Performances 

At the heart of Nanofunk’s musical journey lies his distinctive live performances. These performances are a sensory explosion, captivating the audience through a setup that includes multiple Gameboys, Nintendo consoles, and an old vintage Casio keyboard. What sets Nanofunk apart is his ingenious use of sampled retro gaming sounds and a vintage interpreter for vocals, which adds an authentic retro vibe to his music.

Global Reach 

Nanofunk’s impact isn’t confined to his live shows; his music has reached international audiences through various avenues. He has graced the stages of prestigious events such as Micro Music Italy, where he was specially invited to perform. His tracks have also been streamed on prominent radio stations like Dancefloor, Loose FM, and Radio Flouka Italy, further solidifying his place in the global music scene.

Diverse Venues and Engagements 

Nanofunk’s artistic prowess goes beyond performances and streaming. He has left his mark at esteemed venues, including Les Etoiles in Casablanca and the American Arts Centre. His influence extends to workshops and presentations, as seen in his participation at the Dark America by Olive Writers event. A documentary titled “No Limit” sheds light on Nanofunk’s creative process and dedication to breaking barriers in music, earning recognition at film festivals.

Collaboration and Recognition 

Collaboration is at the heart of Nanofunk’s journey. He has teamed up with media partners like Lgaming.Ma, pop up 2m, and 2m Mag, who have helped amplify his artistic message. The synergy with collaborators has extended to platforms such as Micro Music Italy and lastfloor radio Italy, where his music has resonated with diverse audiences.

Pushing Boundaries 

Nanofunk’s unique blend of electronic beats and retro gaming nostalgia continues to captivate listeners, making him a true pioneer in the music industry. His ability to seamlessly weave the past and the future into a harmonious auditory experience showcases his exceptional talent. As the only African Moroccan artist pushing the boundaries of this distinctive genre fusion, Nanofunk is not only making waves but also paving the way for a new wave of creative expression.


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