25 Arrests by Royal Gendarmerie

25 Arrests by Royal Gendarmerie in Agafay, Marrakech for Illegal Activities

In a swift operation, the Royal Gendarmerie arrested 25 individuals during a raid on an unlicensed bar in Agafay, Marrakech, revealing illicit activities. This incident underscores the importance of law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

Agafay Area: The Scene of the Operation

Agafay, known for its lively atmosphere, became the focus of law enforcement due to reported illegal activities in an unlicensed establishment.

Royal Gendarmerie's Rapid Response

Prompted by credible information, the Royal Gendarmerie swiftly moved to address the unlawful activities, deploying over 30 personnel for a targeted raid.

Contraband Confiscation

The operation resulted in the apprehension of 25 individuals, including customers and staff. Additionally, a significant amount of smuggled alcohol and illicit drugs were confiscated.

Legal Consequences and Public Impact

Detainees were promptly transferred for legal proceedings. The incident prompts community reflection, emphasizing the role of public awareness in supporting law enforcement.

Challenges and Licensing Concerns

The operation highlights challenges faced by law enforcement in maintaining order. It also stresses the importance of proper licensing by promoters for public spaces to prevent such illegal activities.


The Agafay incident serves as a reminder of the essential role law enforcement plays in upholding public safety. Collaboration between authorities and the community is vital for a secure society.

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