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In June 11th, Authentica and Melodic Room lands in Marrakech and invite one of the engines of Afterlife Recordings : INNELLEA and many other such as Yubik, Dizharmonia, Enai, 19:26, DARK.ER and 7MOODS.

Who is Innellea ?

Innellea is a neologism that was coined to refer to musical reinvention. Innellea’s visions and impressions are visibly transferred into music, unrestrained or bound by conventions.

In his unique and abstract sound, the Munich-based live act, DJ, and producer combines melancholic, cinematic soundscapes with a distinct, percussive touch. As a result, the listener is treated to an intimate listening experience that alternates between melodic introspection and explosive, post-apocalyptic club music.

In 2019, he took the scene by storm, leaving a dusty trail in his wake. Before his music was released on Afterlife, Innervisions, and Diynamic, Innellea was a secret weapon for some of the techno scene’s leading DJs. Since then, Innellea’s vibrant and intricate rhythms have captivated audiences all over the world. Tracks like ‘Vigilans,’ ‘Forced to Bend,’ and ‘The World Returns’ are good examples of the project’s bold musical statements. The success of his releases resulted in live sets and a wealth of previously unreleased tracks, creating a global buzz around his name. With each new release and live performance, Innellea continues to rewrite the rules.

Innellea’s music will be there whenever you need driving spheres, impulsive vibes, and genuine feeling touches.

In the video below you can see previous Authentica Event with Innellea, i certainly feel the magic happening !

Where is the Venue?

Atlas Golf Marrakech is a one-of-a-kind concept in the heart of Marrakech, offering a world-class golf course as well as a rewarding world of entertainment, culture, sports, and well-being.

The Cultural Centre is the ideal location for stargazing evenings, formal or informal cocktail and dinner parties, seminars, art exhibitions, and private or public functions. This venue has two unique attractions in Marrakech.

What would you expect in this event ?

Innellea : Influenced by the melodic trends of electronic music, he combined the roots of techno in a very creative way and created a unique and abstract sound. 

Yubik : Cabalistic and groovy at the same time, his raw, feral and most of all irresistibly danceable sound effortlessly crosses borders. 

Dizharmonia : inspired and influenced by the modern sounds of techno and the oldschool sounds of the progressive music scene.

Enai : Charted by Adriatique, Tiësto adding “Fall” on his Spotify playlist and also you have surely seen Solomun and Tale of US playing his music. 

19:26 : An innovative musical project that has attracted the attention of the most important artists of the scene such as John Digweed, Tale of Us, Fideles, BOg, Fur Coat and many others 

Be ready for 12 hours of non-stop sets (and maybe more ! ) 

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