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Owing to our remarkable growth in the Moroccan Electronic music community, our team’s vast knowledge in event planning, and most importantly as Techno enthusiasts. We’ve given ourselves the right to do the connoisseur’s job and give unbiased criticism on both positive and negative aspects of events that took and will take place on the Moorish soil.

It may sound harsh on event planners as we aspire to push the culture forward, but if you see it from another angle, we’d love for them to gain customers, not only a sale.


It's always a good idea to review past mistakes before committing new ones

It's enormously cheering to get a good review by someone who understands your work.

And so, we invite you to discover our newest universe in Electronic Music Maroc, which comes in the form of brief feedback given by EMM team, audience, and even by artists themselves.


We cannot begin with anything but a huge salute to the kickass crowd, whom I consider as one of my favorites ever, passionate people with a deeper understanding of mechanical and melodic sounds.. which allowed the event to be a highlighted episode on the national techno scene, and made DJs throw statements as “the event was too short”. As some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful. On this note, cheers to the audience again!

The lineup hasn’t been any less of a highlight, with a very smooth warmup set of the Moroccan prodigy 7moods. Followed by a soothing sunset B2B by the other 2 local DJs TNBR:S & DARK.ER, making the crowd move on some serious grooves. 

These grooves were meant to have a happy ending, but covid had a different stance. Forbidding us from tracks aromatized by atmospheric and wicked synths and strings, aggressive basslines, and tight drums. Referring to the two modern greek gods Sotiris and Sokratis from Athens, Dizharmonia. But the Girona-based DJ ENAI (Oddity Records) reassured us that we were in good hands with a 2h set introducing us to the guy that I wanted to write a whole review about, as Morrocans appreciate beauty, ambiance and love. The same things that Italy has to offer. And so, 19:26 touched a very sensitive string that night with his mindblowing 3 hours and a half set covering INNELLEA’s Delay that no one had the guts to criticize. Not only because he’s one of the greatest DJs in history, but also thanks to the young 19:26 who took us on a euphoric spacey journey, full of melancholy and emotions in the form of beautiful vocals and contagious grooves. Honestly, I’d give the guy a solid 10/10. 


“Here comes the boom !”, INNELLEA appears in front of +700 techno heads (without counting the ones who went in without a ticket) as Authentica states. Shivers flowing down spines, tears in their eyes, attendees were stupefied by how magnificent the view was. The German machine tore souls out of bodies, throwing the most epic show of the night, some say of the year‍. With the tastiest cherry on top that you could ever experience: A clash of titans. Completing the German machinery, YUBIK was the artist to count on to put in action a spicy B2B that would stay printed in minds for quite a long time. And yet, this is the shortest review. I mean, you can’t blame the writer for being speechless. That’s fucking INNELLEA !.

Coming to what made it more special _ Funktion-One, known as the pioneer of loudspeaker manufacturing and innovation since 1992. With a consistent ethos following in time, it came to Marrakesh on the 11th of June to take us on an auricular voyage. After all, you don’t have the right to criticize when it comes to Funktion-One.

Noticed Issues

On the other hand, a few problems that should be mentioned and reviewed. We’d like to resume that in the following table

- Water is an important aspect of nightlife for events, it should be accessible for everyone. A 25cl bottle of water 100MAD is just too much. Make it easier for people to stay hydrated.
Shuttle Bus
Some attendees were left waiting for the bus to be full for more than an hour.. Which took more than 2h for some. But I got to admit, the driver was cool !
Time Schedule
Yes, it was the autorithies that stopped the party. But that should be put in consideration way before crafting the timetable.


So what do you think of the event in Marrakech Morocco? 


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Mouad Khadraoui

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