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Imagine, you’re in the absolute center of Marrakech, sipping on your mega pint cocktail to warm up for what’s coming, while watching the sky sparkle on the lights coming from it. It looked like the venue got the name for a reason. That was the exact moment when you know that Awake’s crew will deliver. The lights got more intense as we get closer, yet the vision got clearer, until its final form that was so magnificent for the eye to see _ The rolling eye and the spacey psychedelic patterns which were too much to process as it’s a first in Morocco, and Moroccan ravers have waited for something similar for ages. Missing artists, broken promises, staff irrelevance were the common deeds that Awake excelled in not doing. The founder Ali Benjelloun featured a B2B with Oddity, that’s a hint of passion that you don’t see every day. I even spotted a security guard doing the ugliest bass face there is, looks like someone worked in a basement in Berlin! Another plus that should be mentioned is that I spotted emergency medics, not at the door, not outside, but in front of the bar, exactly where they should be.

awakefestival1 Electro Music Maroc Electro Music Maroc

First day: "wach ma gha ne3souch lyouma yak ?"

Starting with the Moroccan beauty Capra, who was actually a beast on that stage. It’s really delightful to see women growing in the Electronic music industry.

Then came Massano dropping sounds from the afterlife, and I’m not talking about the label. All I have to say about this young prodigy, is that he’s legitimately the master of his generation!

awakefestival2 Electro Music Maroc Electro Music Maroc

Speaking of generations, the veterans, Woo York came afterwards with an uplifting live set that I consider the highlight of the night. They’ve really marked their first appearance in Morocco.

Adriatique came next for the closing, but with 2022 classics like Dance With Me by Kevin De Vries they were there prepare us to an Odd set by Oddity, that he warned about earlier wearing a shirt that says “My head is a very dark place”, and featuring the founder himself. During their show this friend I met that day looked at me with sparkling eyes “We’re not sleeping tonight, are we?”, didn’t even bother to answer, a girl shouted:”it’s already tomorrow!!!”. Briefly before the sunrise, attendees left the venue with the widest smiles printed on their faces.

awakefestival4 Electro Music Maroc Electro Music Maroc

Second Day: "ADANA ONE MORE!"

Ravers were still recovering from Awake’s Friday post trauma, when the second chapter started with a B2B of the nationals Nawfal & Bel Age to be succeeded by the founder of the upcoming MOGA Festival DAOX, this Detroit inspired artist is one of the pillars.

The show continued with the person that I personally love to call “The Moroccan Bodzin”.Other than his beautiful soul and irreplaceable energy, Jably made love to his gear curating a 1 hour and a half psychedelic voyage.

Awake’s strength was technology, and so replied Ran Salman with his live performance using MIDI glove controllers. He looked like a maestro and I appreciate the cinematic effect it gave.

The final act is when experience spoke; it’s like the three were trying to say “Yes, they were impressive. But come to see how the landlords do it!”. Straub was first, delivering a magnificent groovy performance as a spoil for the plot happening afterwards A FULL THREE HOURS SET BY THE GODFATHER HIMSELF JOHN DIGWEED who dug his place deep in the Moroccan scene. Pertinence, professionalism made it a perfect set. Knowing that I only recognized two or three tracks, I didn’t skip a beat for 3 hours straight. That, my friend, is the American touch.

I want to thank the person who crafted the timetable for letting the best for the last. There’s only one comment I could say about the guys, as they left me wordless: PURE MADNESS, too good it took them the police to stop the epopee. To express it clearer, I’d pay anything to see Adana Twins Play again in Morocco.

awake adana twins

To wrap up, I might sound exaggerating in my articles but it’s what I do. I express how it felt being there, so I can take you with me on an emotional journey. I mean, you get to be there without paying the ticket, fair enough! Also because Awake deserves so, as wise Jably said that day: “if you’re good, I introduce you as “great”, and if you’re bad and not willing to change I represent you as “crap” “.

Noticed Issues

50dh for parking is just not right.
Sound System
Reports say that a little buzzing was heard when Adriatique were on stage.
The wait was unbearable, had to wait at the entrance waiting for something we never knew what it was!
You could literally DIE if you don't have money for water! Tap water should be available in festivals.


So what do you think of the event? 




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