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Ever wondered what a rave feels like on a Moroccan summer night?

The Black Moon event, organized by the Let’s Get High event planners, gave us just that: a genuine backyard rave, as underground as it can be, with pure and gleaming vibes, welcoming the kindest and happiest ravers you can possibly imagine.

The event happened in Dar Bouazza, somewhere you’re sure not to be bothered. Though it was slightly hard to find, you truly felt out of sight from the rest of the world as you stepped in. By 7:30 pm, sweet frequencies already filled up the air. Borealis could be seen behind the decks, dancing to his own mixing. With a track selection that bends the styles of electronic music, he merged it all into a smooth-sailing set. The unpredictability of his style caught the attention of us, dancers, and we started moving toward the dance floor as energy levels began to build upwards.

After Borealis warmed things up with his diversified grooves, Ben and Wailis entered the booth and did what they do best, using their unshakable B2B chemistry. With an untroubled transition into their set, they maintained a bit of the diversity introduced early on, mostly centring around house and techno subgenres. Yet, they gradually shifted the vibe in favour of the techno end of the spectrum. Before long, they poured honey into our ears as they combined solid techno patterns that move your body viscerally, with melodic and emotional tones that took your heart away. Needless to say, the crowd loved it, as more and more ravers filled up the dance floor.

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In a flawless rhythmic and harmonic continuity, the duo move aside to make space for Jaza. He quickly established his mood and decided to move the energy levels up a notch. His set marked the transition into the peak hours, which would last until early morning. He drove the crowd’s feet with stimulating and elevating patterns, real ear candy for bass lovers. Jaza’s mood clarified what that night was about: letting our minds and bodies go and giving up control to the pulsating sounds of techno. For a brief moment, Borealis joined forces into an unexpected B2B that pleasantly surprised the crowd, adding thrill to an already energetic set. The dance floor was packed, and everybody was hooked, happy, and connected.

As Jaza wrapped up his set, Daox made his appearance. And what an entrance indeed. He immediately switched up the mood and reinitialized the energy. By doing so, he let the crowd know that he had just arrived and that a trip into his musical world was on the way. Daox introduced us to mysterious melodies, hypnotic rhythms and mesmerizing ambience, while the lower frequencies kept pumping in an undebatable invitation to stomp your feet. He seemed to seamlessly read the crowd and offered us exactly what we needed, taking the night in his hands and creating wonders out of it.

Yet, just as you think that it can’t get better than this, Abverb took the place of Daox and dropped a breathtaking performance. His return in front of the Moroccan crowd exceeded all expectations. He drove the energy levels to the highest point possible -and pushed some more. Dark harmonics with powerful beats were all that we needed at this point, and Abverb delivered brilliantly, pouring his heart and soul into the set.

As a perfect conclusion to what has been a journey into a true techno rave, Norman B worked his wizardry to make us stay up, bouncing until the sun rose. This set was, for many, a (re)discovery of his musical talents. He set up a mood of his own, in the most natural fashion. Although the night was long, Norman had us dancing as if it just started, by playing relentless uplifting tracks of the progressive kind. By the end of it, we all felt like we needed more, surprised at the fact that it was already 7 am.

Noticed Issues

Sound System
Despite of great DJs performances, one of the most important part of musical events was the Sound System and they failed to deliver.
The drinks weren't overpriced but they run out of alcohol too early during the night.
Shuttle Bus
No shuttle bus available
Some ravers reported that the ticket’s price was too expensive for the location
Reported hard to find.


So what do you think of the event? 


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