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Who doesn’t love a pool party with techno and beautiful people? The Arkham Spirit crew took care of providing that for us, with a second edition of Don’t Let Mommy Know at Vikki Beach, Mohammedia.

The event started with an excellent vibing set by Krafty, who brought his big smile along. Sun was shining bright, people were swimming and feeling just right. The house music he played was a perfect match for such afternoon vibes. A few dancers moved their bodies in front of the booth, while others danced in the pool or next to their deckchairs.

Before long, Yally took the reins and delivered an impressive performance. In the first part of his set, he offered us a tasty mix of deep house. Although quite soothing, it was the calm before the storm. As the sun started fading behind the trees and onto the horizon, he staggered us with a clean transition into more aggressive beats, altering ethnic and progressive grooves. We could feel the rhythm pulsate across the pool. Elegantly, Yally worked his magic to initiate the turning point between day and night while filling up the dancefloor with inspirited ravers.

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Then came Meddy and Black Candy for what would be a splendid B2B. If Yally was the detonator, they were the explosion. Using their remarkable musical connection and their deep and dark techno tracks, the tone was set for the night. Everybody stomped their feet, throwing their hands in the air, and moving along the stormy grooves being played. The fire was ignited and became more and more intense throughout their set, to the crowd’s delight.

We were past the halfway mark of the night, yet Jumeau renewed the global excitement as he entered the booth. He started his set with a mesmerizing track, using a massive bass Moog that made the crowd beg for an even bigger kick to feel the so-desired rhythmic patterns. That build-up vivified the crowd and lifted the energy levels up to the moon. Before you knew it, you were already dancing to his mix, as dark and forceful as it gets. With assurance, he just kept on delivering, consistently offering us solid beats and stupefying throbs.

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As the music and energy peaked, the Little Devil, Luka Čikić, made his entrance and began doing what he does best. And he did it superbly, the headliner did not disappoint. Staying in the same dark techno vibe, he enchanted the crowd and placed everybody under a spell of musical mystification. But since he himself started as a raver, he could be seen dancing and enjoying his own set, in the most comfortable of ways. The crowd loved him, and he loved them back. As he wrapped up his set, people shouted, as if in a single voice: “We want more!”. And so he did, throwing more bangers on the way, and eventually extending his set for a full additional hour.

dont let mommy know 3

During that night, the Arkham Spirit team seemed to be more of a family than anything else, and, just like a mirror, their connectedness was reflected between people. Although a quarrel between a few people happened, those that aligned their wavelengths to the ones behind the decks truly merged as one, thus making the night an outstanding, successful event.

Noticed Issues

Vikki's Staff
Except for security, some of the staff working at the venue were really unfit to deal with people. Some were disrespectful and aggressive. Not something you want to see when the vibes manifest kindness and love.
Shuttle Bus
No public transport and no shuttle bus available specially when it's outside of the city.


So what do you think of the event? 


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