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Tidar & Ticket Maroc : Extra Fees Added


In a surprising turn of events as we are fighting for affordable event prices, the tranquil world of ticket purchasing in Morocco has been disrupted by the unwelcome introduction of service fees by and The sudden imposition of these fees has left customers baffled, frustrated, and seeking answers. This article delves into the recent upheaval caused by these service fees, examines the backlash from disgruntled customers, and applauds for its user-centric approach, keeping their platform free of charges for their clients.

The Shocking Shift in Morocco's Ticketing Scene

Discontent Grows as Service Fees Emerge

For years, Moroccans enjoyed a seamless ticketing experience, devoid of any extra charges. However, the tide turned when and decided to add service fees to their ticket prices. This move was met with shock and indignation, as customers had grown accustomed to transparent pricing without any hidden costs.

ticketma added fees
tidarma added fees call it “Frais de reservation” and Tidar call it “Service Fee

Unmasking the Motives: Why the Controversial Fees?

Prioritizing Profit over Customers

The decision by and to introduce service fees has been perceived by many as a blatant attempt to prioritize profit margins over customer satisfaction. This unexpected imposition of additional charges, without a clear explanation, has eroded the trust that customers had placed in these platforms.

Dissatisfaction and Uproar

Those platforms have now become subjects of discontent,  customers have contacted us expressing their frustration. Many are questioning the integrity of these platforms, wondering if this move was merely an attempt to gain more profits.

Guichet No added fees Keeps their platform free of any added fees A Beacon of Customer-Centric Values

Standing Strong Against the Tide

In the midst of the turmoil caused by and, has emerged as a beacon of hope for customers. Refusing to bow down to the profit-focused strategy, has upheld its commitment to transparent pricing, refusing to burden its users with unnecessary service fees.

Championing User-Friendly Practices’s decision to abstain from adopting service fees aligns with its core values of putting customers first. By refusing to follow the crowd, has shown that it values its customers’ loyalty and strives to provide an unparalleled ticketing experience.

The Fallout: Consumer Choices and Repercussions

Customers Take a Stand

The introduction of service fees has spurred Moroccan consumers into action. Faced with the sudden increase in ticket prices, many are actively seeking alternative platforms that provide a transparent and honest ticket purchasing process.

Rebuilding Trust: A Long Road Ahead

For and, regaining the trust of their once-loyal customers will be an arduous journey. Transparent communication and a sincere effort to rectify their misstep will be crucial in mending the fractured relationship between the platforms and their users.

The Resounding Verdict

In a world where customer loyalty is hard-earned and easily lost, the decision by and to introduce service fees has proven to be a grave misstep. Customers have spoken loud and clear, showcasing their dissatisfaction and opting for platforms that prioritize their interests.’s commitment to customer-centric practices serves as a shining example of how ticketing platforms should treat their users—with respect, transparency, and fairness.

Would you pay extra fee for an already high priced tickets in Morocco?


Why are customers upset about service fees in Morocco? Customers are upset because service fees were previously unheard of in Morocco’s ticketing scene, and their sudden introduction feels like an unjustified imposition.

Are service fees common in Moroccan ticketing platforms? No, until recently, service fees were not a common practice in Moroccan ticketing platforms. and were the first to introduce them.

What sets apart from others? stands out for its refusal to adopt service fees, prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction.

Can and regain customer trust? Regaining customer trust is possible through transparent communication, rectifying the service fee issue, and demonstrating a renewed commitment to customers.

Why is praised by customers? is praised for its dedication to customer-centric values, transparent pricing, and refusal to add service fees, setting a positive example in the industry.

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