FaceOff vs. DJ Lady Souka: A Copyright Dispute in the DJing World

A noteworthy dispute has come to light involving two DJs. DJ FaceOff, known for his exceptional mixes and local fame with 11k followers in Tangier, Morocco, is at the center of this clash. On the other hand, Lady Souka, with a substantial fan base exceeding 300k, primarily performs in the Khaleej countries.

The Clash Unveiled

Recently, DJ FaceOff took to his social media platform to raise a significant concern. He accused Lady Souka of using his tracks during her performances without obtaining his permission or crediting him for his work. This dispute has ignited a fervent discussion within the DJ community and among their followers.

The Impact on the Industry

While a legal battle has not yet ensued, this clash highlights the critical issue of intellectual property rights in the music industry specially in the MENA Region. It serves as a stark reminder that DJs must seek proper permissions and provide due credit when incorporating the creations of fellow artists into their sets (As we see in the West)

Lady Souka Reaction

Lady Souka is keeping quiet on the issue, making us wonder what will she do next.


The final outcome of this dispute remains uncertain, but it underscores the necessity for transparency and open communication within the DJing community. Establishing clear agreements and respecting each other’s creative contributions should be a priority to prevent such conflicts in the future. This case demonstrates the importance of adhering to best practices within the industry and upholding the principles of fair use and credit where it’s due.

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