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Lost Nomads Festival has established itself as a must-attend event for music enthusiasts, drawing ravers from all corners of the globe. However, as the festival transitions from its first edition to the third, some attendees have been left questioning the motivations behind the significant increase in ticket prices. In this article, we will delve into the concerns surrounding the price hike and address the need for the festival organizers to reconsider their pricing strategy, taking into account the satisfaction and affordability of Moroccan ravers.

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1. Unjustifiable Price Increase

The dramatic price increase from the first edition to the third has sparked discontent among festival-goers. It is essential to question the rationale behind this decision and explore whether the value proposition aligns with the exorbitant costs.

1.1 Lack of Justification

The festival organizers have failed to provide a clear and valid explanation for the substantial price increase. Moroccan ravers, who have been loyal supporters of the event, are left wondering why their dedication and enthusiasm are being met with a sudden financial burden. The lack of transparency regarding the pricing strategy raises concerns about the organizers’ commitment to the festival’s accessibility and inclusivity.

1.2 Disparity with Other Festivals

Comparisons with other festivals that offer similar or even longer durations at lower prices only exacerbate the frustration felt by ravers. It is reasonable for attendees to question why they should pay significantly more for a one-day event compared to other festivals that offer two or more days of musical bliss at a fraction of the cost. The festival organizers must address this disparity and provide a compelling reason for the inflated ticket prices.

2. Considerations for moroccan Ravers

Moroccan ravers have been an integral part of the Lost Nomads Festival, contributing to its vibrant and diverse atmosphere. However, the price increase jeopardizes the accessibility and enjoyment of the festival for this passionate community.

2.1 Financial Burden on Attendees

For many Moroccans, the increased ticket prices create a significant financial burden. The festival, once an eagerly anticipated event that brought joy and unity, now threatens to exclude those who cannot afford the inflated costs. This shift contradicts the festival’s original vision of fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

2.2 Alienating a Dedicated Fan Base

The Lost Nomads Festival owes much of its success to the dedicated fan base it has cultivated over the years. By implementing such steep price increases, the festival risks alienating the very people who have supported and celebrated its previous editions. Ignoring the concerns and financial limitations of Moroccan ravers could lead to a decline in attendance and the loss of an essential element that makes the festival special.

3. Urgent Need for Price Reevaluation

In light of the dissatisfaction and discontent among Moroccans, it is imperative for the festival organizers to reevaluate their pricing strategy and prioritize the affordability and happiness of their loyal attendees.

3.1 Reconnecting with the Community

Lost Nomads Festival should recognize the importance of reconnecting with its community of Moroccan ravers. This involves actively listening to their concerns, engaging in transparent communication, and considering their financial capabilities when setting ticket prices. By fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual understanding, the festival can regain the trust and support of its core fan base.

3.2 Balancing Profitability and Accessibility

While profitability is undoubtedly important for the sustainability of any event, it should not come at the expense of excluding passionate and dedicated attendees. The festival organizers must strike a delicate balance between generating revenue and ensuring the festival remains accessible and inclusive. By implementing a fair and reasonable pricing structure, Lost Nomads Festival can demonstrate its commitment to the Moroccan ravers and prioritize their satisfaction and enjoyment.


Lost Nomads Festival has faced criticism and disappointment due to the substantial increase in ticket prices for its 3rd edition. Moroccan ravers, who have been the backbone of the festival’s success, are left questioning the motives behind this decision and its impact on their ability to participate. It is crucial for the festival organizers to address these concerns, reconsider their pricing strategy, and find a balance between profitability and the satisfaction of their loyal attendees. By doing so, they can ensure that Lost Nomads Festival remains a celebration of music, unity, and accessibility for all.

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