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The Lost Nomads Festival, an annual music and arts extravaganza that initially gained popularity for its unique location and vibrant atmosphere, recently faced a disastrous second edition. As excited festival-goers eagerly anticipated the event, it quickly became apparent that this year’s experience would be far from the mesmerizing adventure they had envisioned. This article delves into the reasons behind the festival’s failure and the aftermath that followed.

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Background of Lost Nomads Festival

Established with the aim of bringing together music enthusiasts, artists, and adventure seekers, the Lost Nomads Festival a collaboration between FARRA WORLD and EPIC EVENTS was envisioned as a unique experience that blended captivating performances with awe-inspiring natural landscapes. The festival organizers carefully curated an atmosphere that promoted self-expression and fostered a sense of community among attendees.

Expectations for the Second Lost Nomads Festival

Following the success of the inaugural Lost Nomads Festival with BLACK COFFEE, THEMBA, ANGELOS, anticipation for the second edition reached unprecedented levels. Attendees expected a more refined and unforgettable experience, with an improved sound-system, enhanced logistical arrangements, and a well-coordinated event overall but..


Disastrous Organization and Logistics

Sadly, the organizers of the second Lost Nomads Festival failed to deliver on their promises, leading to a myriad of issues that plagued the event. From the moment attendees arrived and waited at the bus for hours, it became evident that the festival was ill-prepared to handle the influx of people and provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

Insufficient Security Measures

One of the primary concerns that emerged was the lack of adequate security measures. With a large number of attendees present, it was essential to have a robust security presence to ensure the safety of all participants. Unfortunately, the festival fell short in this regard, resulting in instances of theft, altercations, and a general sense of unease among attendees.

Lack of Space to Chill

The absence of suitable places to rest and relax within the festival premises left festivalgoers with limited options for relaxation, compelling them to seek respite at the exhibitor stand. Frustrated by the lack of designated resting areas, individuals flocked to the brand’s stand in search of a space to unwind. This unexpected influx of people seeking solace at exhibitors like NORTY DESIGN underscored the festival’s failure to provide adequate chilling spots as posted on Instagram yesterday (Story Below).


Poor Communication Channels

Clear and effective communication is paramount for any successful event, but the Lost Nomads Festival fell short in this aspect as well. Attendees encountered difficulties in accessing information, receiving updates, and seeking assistance. This lack of communication compounded the issues faced by festival-goers and contributed to a sense of chaos and confusion.

Lack of Basic Amenities

One of the most significant shortcomings of the second Lost Nomads Festival was the lack of basic amenities. Attendees reported that water was not available since 3AM (in the Desert..), leaving them dehydrated and uncomfortable(Some were forced to leave early to get some water). Furthermore, the toilets became unusable after just a few hours, causing significant inconvenience and hygiene concerns. The festival’s failure to provide these essential facilities further added to the disappointment and frustration of the attendees.

Dissatisfied Attendees and Negative Reviews

Unsurprisingly, the combination of organizational failures, lackluster performances, safety concerns, and lack of basic amenities led to a wave of dissatisfaction among attendees. Our social media were flooded with negative feedback, as festival-goers expressed their disappointment and frustration with the second Lost Nomads Festival. The festival’s reputation took a severe hit, tarnishing the once-promising image it had built.


The Lost Nomads Festival, once an eagerly anticipated event, as though they managed to get amazing sponsors such as Visit Morocco, they unfortunately suffered a catastrophic blow during this second edition. Organizational failures, safety concerns, and the absence of basic amenities marred the festival’s reputation. However, the lessons learned from this experience will hopefully pave the way for improved festivals in the future, ensuring that attendees can once again enjoy a truly unforgettable and immersive experience.

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10 thoughts on “Lost Nomads Festival: What Went Wrong?

  1. Organisation nul, beaucoup de chmaks, j’ai du m’affronter avec des personnes qui sont la pour voler les gens, on ne sait même pas comment ils sont rentrés, le prix du festival du tout pas justifié, c’est limite du vol! C’est sur que je ne viendrai plus a ce festival! Quand tu as moga a 1500dhs 3jrs et demi, tu te dis que lost nomads c’est de la grosse arnaque.

  2. It was an absolute failure. The transportation was late 2 hours. The food was horrible. The beers were warm to the touch. There were problems at the check in area. The backstage was MESSY. There was no water at some point. The resting areas were packed. People didn’t feel safe especially because of homophobia. And the line up was late. Never going back. Horrible experience.

  3. Your article is really accurate as the festival downgraded in a way we never thought it would be. No water, no security, the sound and lights were mid, fuck d9ay9ya idea….to be faire, that was trash and garbage to every one that knows a bit about the culture. Thank you for writing the truth.

  4. Very nice article we are happy that our comments reached you and we finally talk about the disaster of the event

  5. Event management is no joke. Organizing an event in a little desert far away from the center is a big responsibility. The scene is flooding with event organized by amateurs. And this one is no exception: the fact that there is spanish management behind it is not a guarantee of success. If you don’t know your craft, you better organize weddings.. Water/Food/Alcohol/Sound System/Chill areas/Transportation/Good cashless and ticketing system: THESE.ARE.THE.BASIS. As a wake up call: BOYCOTT these event agencies. The names and logos are in the article above. If you ever see them trying again. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.
    And guys.. educate yourself.. Peggy Gou is a total rip-off. Zero music. 100% posing. Go check her background. She is the worst human being in djying world. So many bad stories of her awful behavior with people. And her music is so mainstream….

  6. Je voudrai juste préciser que lost nomads c’est une grosse arnaque payer plus de 1000 Dh un ticket pour qu’au final être dans une full remplie de gens malveillants qui ont bien sûr eu accès au festival sans ticket sans parler du problème des boissons qui se sont terminées à 3h du matin ainsi que la sécurité qui ne servait à rien du tout, on m’a jeté une flemme sur la tronche alors que je dansais tranquillement qui allait me brûler les pieds aussi par deux mecs qui disait être les potes de la personne qui voulait demander en mariage X personne c’est une honte !
    Lost nomads m’ont bloqué ainsi que mes amies donc si tu mets ton avis qui est négatif au lieu de répondre par des excuses ou au moins des explications figurez vous que ces gens te bloquent tout simplement pour vendre du rêves aux gens alors que c’est un vrai cauchemar.
    Faites attention les gens ne jeter pas votre argent en poubelle chez des gens pareil..

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