Amidst earthquack postponement

Marrakech Earthquake : Electronic Music Events Postponed

While Marrakech earthquake temporarily halted electronic music festivities in the city, it will once again groove to the electrifying tunes that define its music scene, all while honoring the spirit of unity and resilience that characterizes its community.

NB : We appreciate your patience and understanding during our brief hiatus. In the past week, our team was fully committed to providing essential assistance in the wake of a significant earthquake that struck Marrakech, Morocco.

A Week of Compassion and Solidarity

The earthquake left a profound impact on the city and its residents, prompting an urgent need for assistance. Like countless others, our team felt a deep sense of duty to contribute to relief efforts. We worked closely with MAEV Events volunteers to provide aid, support, and solace to those affected by the calamity.

Prioritizing Community Well-being

We recognize that our absence from posting articles may have raised questions. However, we hope you understand the importance of prioritizing the recovery and well-being of the community during times of crisis. Our mission extends beyond storytelling; it encompasses active participation in the betterment of the communities we serve.

Postponement of Electronic Music Events

The earthquake disrupted the plans for these exciting events, necessitating their postponement. Invasion, Awake 2023, and Moga 2023, which promised to infuse Marrakech with electrifying beats and rhythms, had to be rescheduled. Music enthusiasts, who had eagerly awaited these events, fully comprehended the gravity of the situation. Their hearts went out to the victims and their families, and the decision to postpone the events garnered widespread empathy and support.

Unity in Adversity

In times of crisis, communities often rally together, and Moroccans were amazing. Rather than feeling disappointed, music enthusiasts channeled their energy into aiding earthquake victims. They organized charity events, fundraisers, and relief initiatives to assist their fellow citizens.

The Road to Rescheduling

Despite the setbacks, the organizers of Moga 2023, Awake 2023 and Invasion,  remain resolute about rescheduling these events when safety permits. They grasp the significance of these festivals within the electronic music community and are tirelessly working to ensure the rescheduled events are even more spectacular.


The earthquake in Marrakech undeniably disrupted the country’s electronic music scene, leading to the postponement of eagerly anticipated events throughout Morocco. Nevertheless, the resilience and determination of event organizers and music enthusiasts remain unwavering. As Morocco rebuilds and recovers, its electronic music events will return stronger! 


When will the rescheduled events in Marrakech take place?

Event organizers are diligently working on rescheduling and will provide updates as soon as new dates are confirmed.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments regarding these events?

Stay tuned on our IG @electromusicmaroc for update with the most current information.

Will tickets purchased for the postponed events be valid for the rescheduled dates?

Yes, tickets can either be used for upcoming event or refunded, we invite you to contact them directly.

What measures will be taken to ensure attendee safety once the events are rescheduled?

Promoters are committed to implementing safety measures in accordance with local guidelines to ensure the well-being of all attendees.

Is Marrakech safe currently, what is the situation there?

The most damaged region are the villages around Marrakech but the city didn’t sustain much damage, during this  week, we can already see life back as before in the red city.

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