Odyssey Festival

Odyssey Festival: A Night of Disappointment

Ladies and gentlemen, music enthusiasts, and avid festival-goers, we want to share our firsthand experience at the Odyssey Festival organized by Hamza NAK, that unfolded just last night. We began the evening with great anticipation, lured by the promises of spectacular performances by renowned artists like Echonomist and Black Circle. However, the festival left us sorely disappointed.

The Black Circle & Echonomist

It came to our attention that Black Circle faced significant issues and contract breaches with the festival promoter. Regrettably, this was not communicated transparently to the festival-goers. The lack of honesty about such a crucial matter cast a shadow over the entire event. while Echonomist case remain unknown but it certainly not looking good.

dj black circle story

Venue Change and Disconnection

Originally, the festival was scheduled to take place at the iconic Chez Ali venue, but inexplicably, it was relocated to a remote, desolate terrain “Near Chez Ali’. This abrupt change in venue left attendees feeling disconnected from the anticipated setting, contributing to the overall disappointment.

Odyssey Festival : Chaotic Organization

The festival’s organization was nothing short of chaotic. Access to basic amenities, such as restrooms, was severely lacking, with portable facilities overwhelmed and inadequately maintained, most attendee had to go to the wild to pee. Many ticket holders were perplexingly provided with backstage passes instead of the entry bracelets they had paid for. Adding to the frustration, the sound quality was subpar, and the music abruptly ceased during Kasia’s set.

odyssey festival hamza nak

Not Respecting DJs Playing

During Kasia’s set we have noticed that the promoter tried to touch DJ equipment while playing which made her upset asking him to remove his hand which is totally disrespectful toward DJs, whatever it may have been just ask her.

Time for Change

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for improved standards and accountability within the Moroccan electronic music festival scene. Morocco undoubtedly has the potential to be a top destination for such events, but Odyssey Festival undeniably fell short. It’s time for change, and we, as festival-goers, deserve better from our promoters and the festivals they organize. Odyssey, and all those involved, should take this as a wake-up call and take the  opportunity to stop what they are doing.

Below some angry client testimony coming from Rabat to Marrakech :

Electro Music Maroc's Apology

In retrospect, We would like to extend our sincere apologies for not having pointed out the red flags that were visible all this time during the communication leading up to the festival. The breach of DJ contracts, the change in location not once, but twice, and the multiple alterations in the lineup were all alarming indicators of the unprofessionalism displayed by the festival’s organizers. These issues should have raised concern among festival-goers, and we deeply regret not emphasizing their significance earlier.


We will in the future try to be more vigilant about those individuals and try to spot signs and call them out openly in order to avoid such blatant scams. We wish for a better Moroccan entrepreneurs who can take Morocco to a next level, there are but still only few we can count in one hand.

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