origins festival winter 2023

Origins Festival 2023 : Why we are not going this year?

I. Introduction

As many of you asked about Origins Festival 2023 “1 Day” event and if we are going, the answer is no and we will try to develop some of those reason.

Origins Festival winter 2023 hasn’t generated excitement and anticipation as much as it did before, it’s essential to address the concerns raised by the community. In this article, we delve into three key issues affecting the festival’s reputation and community engagement. 

II. Pricing Concerns: The Barrier to Community Growth

A. Analysis of Ticket Prices

One major concern voiced by the community is the steep ticket prices, set at 1200 MAD for a one-day event. This pricing strategy, while potentially lucrative for promoters, poses a significant barrier to the growth of the festival’s community.

B. Impact on Community Size and Long-Term Viability

The high ticket prices contribute to a smaller and less diverse community, limiting the festival’s long-term viability. For a festival to flourish and become a sustainable cultural phenomenon, accessibility must be a priority over profit margins.

III. Repetitive DJ Lineup: Stagnation in Musical Diversity

A. Overview of DJ Lineup

Another point of contention is the repetitive nature of the DJ lineup. While acclaimed DJs bring their talent, the majority of them have graced Morocco’s stages repeatedly. With the exception of Deborah De Luca, the lack of fresh faces limits the festival’s musical diversity.

B.Impact of Repeated Performances on Audience Engagement

Repeated visits from the same DJs can lead to audience fatigue, diminishing the excitement and novelty that a diverse lineup could bring. Attendees seek variety and new experiences, making it crucial for Origins Festival to diversify its musical offerings.

IV. Controversial History: Origins Festival and Community Relations

A. Previous Censorship Issues

Origins Festival has faced criticism for its handling of censorship issues in the past. Instances of suppressing comments and voices within the community have led to a strained relationship between the festival and its attendees.

B. Legal Actions and Community Backlash

Legal actions taken against those who speak out, particularly against EMM for speaking the truth, have further fueled community discontent. The festival’s failure to address concerns transparently has contributed to a perception of neglect towards its own community.

Origins Festival 2023 Morocco Legal Actions

V. The Call for Change: Community Voices and Expectations

A. Community Feedback on Pricing

Community members have expressed dissatisfaction with the current pricing model. Many argue for more affordable options to foster inclusivity and encourage a broader representation of Moroccan culture and beyond.

B. Expectations for a More Diverse DJ Lineup

The community demands a more diverse DJ lineup, featuring fresh talent and international artists who haven’t frequented Moroccan festivals extensively. This shift could reinvigorate the musical experience and attract a broader audience.

C. Demands for Improved Community Relations

Origins Festival must actively work to rebuild trust with its community. Acknowledging past mistakes, engaging in open dialogue, and fostering a culture of inclusivity are crucial steps to mend the strained relationship with attendees.

VI. Conclusion

As Origins Festival Winter 2023 approaches, addressing these concerns is paramount for ensuring a positive and inclusive experience for all attendees. By reevaluating pricing strategies, diversifying the DJ lineup, and actively working towards community reconciliation, Origins Festival has the opportunity to evolve into a more vibrant and beloved cultural celebration.


What is Origins Festival Winter 2023?

It’s a 1 day event of melodic techno in Morocco

Why the prices are high?

That’s what one of the reasons we don’t understand about it.

Where will you go for NYE?

We are going to RAK Electronik at Agafay Desert, but you can also try Supervibe NYE

Will the price tickets in Morocco ever be affordable?

Many events are fighting against it, and we do too! Most events are not that expensive.. Only some Promoters.

What is the normal price for events in Morocco?

1 Day currently is ranged between 200 MAD to 1200 MAD but the sweet spot is 600 MAD for nice and passionate promoters higher is greed.

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