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The walls of Dar Soukkar, Marrakesh rumbled with the sounds of House, Techno, and other related genres for secret events Electronic Music Festival that occurred on the last weekend of June. Over 2 warm nights, enthusiasts arrived and let their bodies do the talking for an intimate, yet still high-end music event holding great respect to the sounds of Electronic music. 

With a big count of pelgrims, the floor was shaking of how magnificent the crowd was, nothing unusual. Good audiences are our national treasures in all disciplines, even though there were music lovers from around the world, the lion’s share went to Moroccans.

The happening was set up in a North African ethnic style, with beautiful simple decors and breathtaking light shows based on a Red&Blue palette. And as we speak on technology we can’t forget to mention the sound beasts FunktionOne with their waist-breaking bass, and completing the sound gang with the leader/inventor of modern line source arrays itself: L- acoustics. It’s when British boldness meets french sweetness, carving some very distinguished melodies through our ears. 


First Day

Let me ask you a question!

Have you ever been in a spiritual state, where your ephemeral flesh is there but your soul is at heaven’s gates?

Well, allow me to tell you about the first night of the gig starting with a very body WÄRMing set of WÄRM, who has truly offered an energetic show full of Afro grooves with a face-melting organic touch, Cheers to Morocco on that one again.

After the storm, and from burning man to the archeological beauty of Abu Simbel, to Dar Soukkar came the sun with Tomas Barford & Jeppe Kjellberg from WhoMadeWho to bless our ears and take us on a mystical journey. The Danish duo, in addition to their third musketeer Tomas Høffding are one of the very well-known artists on the worldwide electronic music scene, known for their experimental fantasies, and very untraditional ways of merging between dance-pop, stoner rock, techno, electronica, and many other genres, to make of them an exceptional musical experience. They admired the beauty of Marrakesh and shared with its people all the love there is, which was very visible in Jeppe’s performance on the scene. Well, On the DJ stand to be precise. 

whomadewhoreview Electro Music Maroc Electro Music Maroc

Second Day

Let me ask you another one!

Do you believe in the mantra saying: “everything happens for a reason”?

Well, the second night commenced with a jaw-dropping kickoff by SXTO with an ultimately tasty track selection. That should’ve been a closing set to be honest owing to that sick groove, but I guess that’s destined for a bigger occasion in the future. This was expected to be followed by the highlighted presence of Guy Gerber, who didn’t make it finally because of a visa issue occurring after the misconduct that we prefer not to discuss simply because we’re not well informed about it. 

so you might think that the event organizers lost the game, but the guys are slick! Not only for giving a refund opportunity and offering two free drink tokens for people who wanted to attend. But for the mindblowing, full Moroccan B2B2B2B! assembling both the heritage and the legacy with the prodigy Amine K, founder of Morokoloko and straightforwardly Morocco’s ambassador of Electronic music, mixing his housey tunes with the north African melodies of the wizard Mr.ID. As well as the very contagious energy of the talented Didiss, this guy literally mixed in Ibiza when he was only 12. 

That’s not something we see every day! Not to forget the 4th horseman of saving the night, the young BLOKO who had AMINEK’s approval as you see in the picture!

aminekbloko Electro Music Maroc Electro Music Maroc

Purely a Moroccan tale, Even ANKHOÏ was there and had the credits and the love he deserves. so, secret events were smart enough to find what Moroccans love and let it kill them !!

Noticed Issues

Missing DJ
Yep you heard it right, Guy Gerber didn't make it, last minute announcement
Shuttle Bus
No shuttle bus available and no public transport.
- Water should be accessible for everyone. A 25cl bottle of water 100MAD is just too much. Make it easier for people to stay hydrated.
- No water to wash your hands..

 I’d love to finish this article with the most significant moment of the night_the view that made my heart melt, this guy in a wheelchair partying like there’s no tomorrow. I approached the guy to make of me a devotee of the PLUR code and whispered in his ear “you’re the best at this party”, he matched the vibe and whispered back “I love you”. So, wherever you are mate I hope that leg is healing so I can meet you in the next one, and tell you that I love you too. 



So what do you think of the event in Marrakech Morocco? 


Mouad Khadraoui

Mouad Khadraoui

Storyteller | Digital Manager

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