Scam in Morocco

Tickets Resellers Scam in Morocco: Beware of Fraudulent Practices

In this article, we will discuss the prevalent Tickets Resellers Scam in Morocco and raise awareness on how to avoid falling victim to these fraudulent practices.

In recent years, the ticket reselling scam in Morocco has witnessed significant growth, driven by the increasing demand for cheaper tickets to various events. this , we will be shedding light on the scams that unsuspecting buyers often fall victim to.

Common Ticket Resellers Scams

Stolen Credit Card Transactions

Another deceptive tactic used by scammers involves the use of stolen credit cards to purchase real tickets. Initially, buyers may receive valid tickets, but when the bank detects the unauthorized transaction and cancels the payment, the purchased tickets become invalid, leaving buyers in a frustrating and helpless situation.

Counterfeit Tickets

One prevalent scam involves the sale of counterfeit tickets. Scammers create fake tickets that look authentic, tricking buyers into purchasing them, only to be denied entry at the event.

Resell One Real Ticket Multiple Times

A cunning scam involves reselling a single genuine ticket to multiple buyers. The scammer sells the same ticket to several individuals, making it impossible for victims to realize they’ve been scammed until their ticket becomes invalid. The first person to scan the valid ticket gains entry, rendering the others’ tickets useless.

False Promises

Scammers may promise exclusive access or VIP privileges that they cannot deliver. Buyers are left disappointed when they discover that these promises were nothing but empty words.

The Need for Ticket Resale Systems

Enabling Ticket Resale

In contrast to the fraudulent practices of ticket resellers, some genuine ticket holders find themselves unable to attend events due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, platforms like Shotgun have implemented systems that allow clients to resell their tickets and get refunded. This approach not only benefits ticket holders but also ensures that tickets are transferred securely and transparently.

A Wish for Morocco's Ticketing System

It’s a wish among many in Morocco that the country’s ticketing system would adopt similar ticket resale practices. This would not only provide a safety net for genuine ticket holders but also discourage fraudulent reselling practices.

How to Protect Yourself

Buy Official Tickets

Always prioritize purchasing official tickets from authorized outlets or the event’s official website. Official tickets are more likely to be genuine and provide secure entry.

Never Buy from Unknown Sources

Avoid buying tickets from unknown or unverified sources, especially from individuals or websites with no established reputation. These sources often pose a higher risk of fraudulent activity.


Ticket reselling in Morocco is not yet secure, scams lurk around every corner. To enjoy your favorite events without falling victim to fraudulent practices, it is crucial to stay vigilant, buy from official sources, and never purchase tickets from unknown or unreliable sources no matter how cheaper it is. Additionally, advocating for ticket resale systems can also contribute to a safer and more transparent ticketing experience in Morocco. By following these precautions and supporting positive changes, you can ensure that your ticket-buying experience remains safe and enjoyable.


Are all ticket resellers in Morocco fraudulent?

No, actually we have no ticket reselling platform which is secured. Without it everyone is at risk of encountering scams, so it’s essential to be cautious and buy from trusted sources.

How can I check if a ticket is genuine?

You can’t check the authenticity of digital tickets unless you have the ticketing system scan.

What should I do if I fall victim to a ticket reselling scam?

If you become a victim of a ticket reselling scam, you should report it to the relevant authorities and your payment provider.

Morocco does not have specific regulations for ticket reselling, which makes it essential for buyers to exercise caution.

Where can I find legitimate ticket resellers in Morocco?

We recommend buying tickets from official website for the event to avoid any risk and remember the early you buy tickets the cheaper it is. 

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