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Harmonia Industry Festival: ArNAKer Is Back! Be Careful

I. Introduction

In the wake of the infamous Odyssey festival scam, the elusive promoter ArNAKer is back, this time setting his sights on the city of Meknes. Operating under the guise of a new Instagram page, “Harmonia Industry,” ArNAKer attempts to stage a comeback without being recognized. However, a twist in the tale emerges as the headliner DJ, “WHO ELSE,” uncovers ArNAKer’s identity, leaving us questioning when this cat-and-mouse game will end and why some, like Tidar, continue to work with him.

II. ArNAKer's Return: A Risky Venture

After the Odyssey festival debacle, the industry had been on high alert for any signs of ArNAKer resurfacing. It came as a surprise when news broke about the Harmonia Industry Festival in Meknes, organized by none other than the elusive promoter. The festival’s promotion began under a shroud of secrecy, with ArNAKer adopting a new identity through the Instagram page “Harmonia Industry.”

III. How We Know?

Thanks to BoomBoy for coming to us with suspicions, we have turned to speak with the headlining DJ, “WHO ELSE.” Little did ArNAKer know that this DJ would play a pivotal role in unveiling his true identity. During a long chat, WHO ELSE was asked about who the promoter is and, to everyone’s surprise, he identified Hamza ArNAKer without hesitation. The revelation sent shockwaves through the industry, leaving many wondering how ArNAKer’s elaborate disguise had been exposed.

harmonia industry festival hamza nak

IV. The Lingering Question: When Will He Stop?

ArNAKer’s recurrent reappearances beg the question: when will this cycle end? Despite the notoriety stemming from the Odyssey festival scam, ArNAKer seems undeterred, resurfacing in different guises and locations. The industry is left grappling with the mystery of ArNAKer’s intentions and the seemingly unending game he plays.

V. Tidar's Continued Association: A Puzzle Unsolved

One of the perplexing aspects of ArNAKer’s saga is the continued association with Tidar. Despite the controversies surrounding ArNAKer, Tidar remains steadfast in collaborating with the elusive promoter. This raises eyebrows and prompts speculation about the nature of their partnership and whether Tidar is oblivious to ArNAKer’s checkered past or willingly turning a blind eye.

VI. Conclusion

Harmonia Industry Festival in Meknes unfolds as a captivating chapter in the enigmatic story of ArNAKer. The headliner DJ’s revelation adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving us to ponder the motivations behind ArNAKer’s return. The lingering question of when this cycle will end and the perplexity surrounding associations like that of Tidar only intensify the intrigue surrounding ArNAKer’s presence in the industry.


Is ArNAKer's return confirmed for the Harmonia Industry Festival?

Yes, ArNAKer is indeed behind the organization of the Harmonia Industry Festival in Meknes.


How did we identify him?

The headliner “WHO ELSE” identified ArNAKer during an interview, surprising many in the industry.


Why does ArNAKer continue to resurface despite controversies?

The motives behind ArNAKer’s persistent return remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue.

Why does Tidar still working with him?

Tidar’s continued collaboration with ArNAKer raises questions about the dynamics of their partnership.

Where can I get more information about the Harmonia Industry Festival?

You better not! Forget it exist and keep your money for real events.

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